Command utility for loading Kafka data into Greenplum.


gpkafka subcommand [options]

gpkafka load

gpkafka {help | -h | --help}

gpkafka --version


Note: gpkafka is a wrapper around the Greenplum Streaming Server (GPSS) gpss and gpsscli utilities. If you want to use encryption, you must explicitly start a Greenplum Streaming Server instance with the gpss command, and use the gpsscli subcommands, not gpkafka, to submit and manage the load job.

Pivotal recommends that you migrate to using the GPSS utilities directly.

The Greenplum Streaming Server includes the gpkafka command utility. gpkafka provides a subcommand to load Kafka data into Greenplum Database:

  • gpkafka load - load data from a single Kafka topic into a Greenplum Database table
  • gpkafka help - display command help


-l | --log-dir directory
Specify the directory to which gpkafka writes client command log files. gpkafka must have write permission to the directory. gpkafka creates the log directory if it does not exist.
If you do not provide this option, gpkafka writes client log files to the $HOME/gpAdminLogs directory.
The default behaviour of the command utility is to display information and error messages to stdout. When you specify the --verbose option, gpkafka also outputs debug-level messages about the operation.
-h | --help
Show command utility help, and then exit.
Show the version of gpkafka, and then exit.