About the PXF Installation and Configuration Directories

PXF is installed to $GPHOME/pxf on your master and segment nodes when you install Greenplum Database. If you install the PXF .rpm package, PXF is installed to /usr/local/pxf-gp<greenplum-major-version>, or to a directory of your choosing. This documentation uses $PXF_HOME to refer to the PXF installation directory.

PXF Installation Directories

The following PXF files and directories are installed to $PXF_HOME when you install Greenplum Database or the PXF .rpm:

Directory Description
apache‑tomcat/ The PXF Tomcat directory.
bin/ The PXF script and executable directory.
commit.sha The commit identifier for this PXF release.
conf/ The PXF internal configuration directory. This directory contains the pxf-env-default.sh and pxf-profiles-default.xml configuration files. After initializing PXF, this directory will also include the pxf-private.classpath file.
gpextable/ The PXF extension files. The files in this directory are copied to the Greenplum installation ($GPHOME) on a single host or all hosts in the cluster when you run pxf [cluster] register.
lib/ The PXF library directory.
templates/ Configuration templates for PXF.
version The PXF version.

PXF Runtime Directories

During initialization and startup, PXF creates the following internal directories in $PXF_HOME:

Directory Description
pxf‑service/ After initializing PXF, the PXF service instance directory.
run/ After starting PXF, the PXF run directory. Includes a PXF catalina process id file.

PXF User Configuration Directories

Also during initialization, PXF populates a user configuration directory that you specify via the PXF_CONF environment variable with the following subdirectories and template files:

Directory Description
conf/ The location of user-customizable PXF configuration files: pxf-env.sh, pxf-log4j.properties, and pxf-profiles.xml.
keytabs/ The default location for the PXF service Kerberos principal keytab file.
lib/ The default PXF user runtime library directory.
logs/ The PXF runtime log file directory. Includes pxf-service.log and the Tomcat-related log catalina.out. The logs/ directory and log files are readable only by the gpadmin user.
servers/ The server configuration directory; each subdirectory identifies the name of a server. The default server is named default. The Greenplum Database administrator may configure other servers.
templates/ The configuration directory for connector server template files.

Refer to Initializing PXF and Starting PXF for detailed information about the PXF initialization and startup commands and procedures.