Release Notes

Release Notes

Version 2.2

gpcopy version 2.2 is a minor release that adds a feature.

  • gpcopy displays a warning message if table data is copied using only the Greenplum Database master instance instead of the segment instances.

    gpcopy uses the source table statistics to determine the number of table rows and whether to copy table data using Greenplum Database segment instances or only the master instance. If a source table is not analyzed, gpcopy assumes the table is a small table and copies the table data using only the master. If your database has large tables without statistics, you can set the --on-segment-threshold option to -1 to force gpcopy to copy table data using segment instances.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • The sql: JSON key, used with the --include-table-json option, is compatible only with Greenplum Database version 5.20 and later.