Release Notes

Release Notes

Version 2.1

gpcopy version 2.1 is a minor release that adds a feature and resolves an issue.

  • The --no-ownership option controls copying table owner and privilege information to a table in a destination database. If the option is specified, owner and privilege information for tables is not copied to the destination table. The owner of the table in the destination database is set to gpadmin.

Resolved Issue

  • [30495] gpcopy performance issues occurred in some situations. For example, performance degraded when a large number of database roles are defined in a database. gpcopy performance has been improved, including performance when managing a large number of roles during a copy operation.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • The sql: JSON key, used with the --include-table-json option, is compatible only with Greenplum Database version 5.20 and later.