Release Notes

Release Notes

Version 1.6

gpcopy version 1.6 is a minor release that introduces these feature changes:
  • gpcopy now enables the --parallelize-leaf-partitions option by default, so that leaf partitions can be migrated in parallel. To use the previous default behavior, set --parallelize-leaf-partitions=false.
  • The 64-job upper limit to the --jobs option has been removed. You can now set --jobs to higher values if supported by your machine resources and network connectivity.
  • gpcopy output and log files now include progress messages based on the number of tables that were copied.

Resolved Issues

gpcopy version 1.6 resolves issue 30239, where the utility could hang with deadlocks while copying child partitions.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • The sql: JSON key, used with the --include-table-json option, is compatible only with Greenplum Database version 5.20 and later.