Release Notes

Release Notes

Version 1.5

gpcopy version 1.5 is the first standalone release of Pivotal gpcopy. Compared to the utility version bundled with Greenplum Database 5.21.0 and, this standalone release of gpcopy includes the following feature changes:
  • gpcopy supports changing the destination schema name and table name when copying table data. Note that the destination table must exist and have the exact same table structure as the source table; gpcopy does not generate the the DDL necessary to create the new destination schema or table when the destination table differs from the source table.
  • gpcopy now transfers table ownership and privilege information when you copy a set of tables from a database. Previously, ownership and privilege information was copied only if you used -full option to copy all database objects.

Resolved Issues

gpcopy can now be used to copy data from a Greenplum 4 or 5 system to Greenplum 6.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • The sql: JSON key, used with the --include-table-json option, is compatible only with Greenplum Database version 5.20 and later.