Release Notes

Release Notes

Pivotal Greenplum Backup and Restore utilities are released separately from Pivotal Greenplum Database, and are updated independently of the core server.

Version 1.13.0-1

Pivotal Greenplum Backup and Restore version 1.13.0-1 is the first public Pivotal Network release. This version includes the first release of the gpbackup_manager utility.

Platform Support

Pivotal Greenplum Backup and Restore is compatible with these Greenplum Database versions:

  • Pivotal Greenplum Database 4.3.22 and later
  • Pivotal Greenplum Database 5.5.0 and later
  • Pivotal Greenplum Database 6.0.0 and later

Software Component Versions

The Greenplum Backup and Restore 1.13.0-1 release is a minor release and includes the following utilities:

See Release Numbering Conventions for a description of the Pivotal Greenplum Backup and Restore release numbering scheme.

gpbackup v1.13.0

New Features

  • The text output of the gpbackup and gprestore reports has been updated.
  • gpbackup now decrypts Data Domain user and remote user passwords that are encrypted in the DD Boost configuration file when backing up to Data Domain.
  • The Greenplum Database extra_float_digits server configuration parameter is set at the session-level during backups to enable higher precision of float data types when COPY TO SEGMENT is used.
  • When the --plugin-config flag is supplied on the gpbackup command, the supplied configuration file is versioned with the backup key timestamp, and copied to the $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/backups/YYYYMMDD/YYYYMMDDhhmmss/ directory.

Resolved Issues

  • [167544038] The query used to determine the modification count when incremental backups are taken has been fixed. We thank the OSS community for this contribution.
  • [167550567] When multiple concurrent backups were taken with the --plugin-config flag and the same configuration file name, the initial backup would clean up metadata files, causing the other backups to fail after backing up the data.
  • [171140931] gpbackup failed with the error column t1.proposed does not exist when attempting to back up resource group information from a database in a Greenplum Database 6.x system. Now gpbackup correctly backs up resource group information.

gpbackup_helper 1.13.0

Resolved Issues

  • [167577574] When gprestore was run with the --plugin-config and --on-error-continue flags, gpbackup_helper disconnected from gprestore upon error. This has been resolved.
  • [167497811] Fixed an error message that was hard-coded for gprestore but could also be output by gpbackup.
  • [167503166] Fixed a log message that reported opening a pipe for the incorrect pipe oid.

gprestore v1.13.0

New Features

  • gprestore decrypts encrypted Data Domain passwords when restoring with the DD Boost plugin.
  • When a distribution key error occurs when restoring a table, gprestore now includes information in the log message to identify the data row that caused the error.
  • When the --plugin-config flag is supplied on the gprestore command line, the user-supplied configuration file is versioned with the backup and restore key timestamps, and copied to the $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/backups/YYYYMMDD/YYYYMMDDhhmmss/ directory.

Resolved Issue

  • [166993715] Resolved formatting issues on some error messages.

gpbackup_manager v1.0.0

New Feature

  • Initial 1.0.0 general availability release.
  • Use the gpbackup_manager utility to perform the following tasks:
    • List the backup history
    • Delete a backup with a specified timestamp
    • Display a backup report for the backup with the specified timestamp
    • Encrypt passwords to store in the DD Boost plug-in configuration file

gpbackup_ddboost_plugin v1.1.0

New Feature

  • Supports encryption and decryption of Data Domain passwords. Use gpbackup_manager to encrypt passwords for the Data Domain and optional remote Data Domain hosts, and store the encrypted passwords in the DD Boost configuration file.
  • Added support for deleting backup sets on Data Domain using the gpbackup_manager utility.

Resolved Issues

  • [163107149] Resolves a double free or corruption message when attempting to restore a backup set from Data Domain that does not exist on the Data Domain system.
  • [167411124] DD Boost library files are now bundled into the gpbackup/gprestore distribution, because the library files are not distributed with Pivotal Greenplum Database 6 as in previous versions.

gpbackup_s3_plugin v1.2.0

New Feature

  • Support is added to enable deleting backup sets on S3 using the gpbackup_manager utility.

Release Numbering Conventions

The Pivotal Greenplum Backup and Restore distribution release number indicates the type of the release.

  • The first number is the gpbackup/gprestore major release number. For example, given the release number, 1.13.0-1, the major release number is 1.
  • The second number is the minor release number. Given the release number 1.13.0-1, the minor release number is 13. This number increments when new features are added to the gpbackup/gprestore utilities.
  • The third number is the gpbackup/gprestore maintenance release number. Given the release number 1.13.0-1, the maintenance release number is 0. The release contains gpbackup and gprestore version 1.13.0. The maintenance release number increments when the gpbackup/gprestore utilities are released with fixes, but without new features.
  • The fourth number is the maintenance release version for the Greenplum Backup and Restore distribution. Components included in the distribution, such as gpbackup_manager and the backup storage plugins, are numbered separately. If one or more included components is updated, a new distribution is released with this final number incremented. Release number 1.13.0-2, for example, is the second release of gpbackup/gprestore version 1.13.0, and indicates new versions of one or more of the components have been included in the release.