Running the UNIX Tools Installer

Running the UNIX Tools Installer

This section describes the client and loader tool package installation procedure for CentOS and Ubuntu systems.


You must have operating system superuser privileges to install the tools package.

Note: Installing the client tools package automatically installs dependent packages not already installed on the system.


Perform the following procedure to install the client and loader tools package on a CentOS or Ubuntu system.

  1. Locate the installer file that you downloaded from VMware Tanzu Network. The naming format of the file is greenplum-db-clients-<version>-<platform>.<file_type>.
  2. Install the package using your package management utility. You must be the superuser or have sudo access to install packages. For example:
    • To install the tools on a host running CentOS 7.x:
      root@clientsys$ yum install greenplum-db-clients-6.1.0-rhel7-x86_64.rpm
    • To install the tools on a host running Ubuntu 18.04:
      root@clientsys$ apt install greenplum-db-clients-6.1.0-ubuntu18.04-amd64.deb

    The client tools are installed into the /usr/local/greenplum-db-clients-<version>/ directory. The installation process creates a symbolic link from /usr/local/greenplum-db-clients to the install directory.