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Plugin command to stream data from the remote storage system to stdout.


plugin_executable restore_data plugin_config_file data_filenamekey


gprestore invokes the restore_data plugin command on each segment host when a restoring a streaming backup.

The restore_data implementation should read a potentially large data file named or mapped to data_filenamekey from the remote storage system and write the contents to stdout. If the backup_data command modified the data in any way (i.e. compressed), restore_data should perform the reverse operation.


The absolute path to the plugin configuration YAML file.
The mapping key to a backup file on the remote storage system. data_filenamekey is the same key provided to the backup_data command.

Exit Code

The restore_data command must exit with a value of 0 on success, non-zero if an error occurs. In the case of a non-zero exit code, gprestore displays the contents of stderr to the user.