Checking the Log Files for Failed Segments

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Checking the Log Files for Failed Segments

Log files can provide information to help determine an error's cause. The master and segment instances each have their own log file in pg_log of the data directory. The master log file contains the most information and you should always check it first.

Use the gplogfilter utility to check the Greenplum Database log files for additional information. To check the segment log files, run gplogfilter on the segment hosts using gpssh.

To check the log files

  1. Use gplogfilter to check the master log file for WARNING, ERROR, FATAL or PANIC log level messages:
    $ gplogfilter -t
  2. Use gpssh to check for WARNING, ERROR, FATAL, or PANIC log level messages on each segment instance. For example:
    $ gpssh -f seg_hosts_file -e 'source 
    /usr/local/greenplum-db/ ; gplogfilter -t 
    /data1/primary/*/pg_log/gpdb*.log' > seglog.out