Registering PXF JAR Dependencies

You use PXF to access data stored on external systems. Depending upon the external data store, this access may require that you install and/or configure additional components or services for the external data store.

PXF depends on JAR files and other configuration information provided by these additional components. The $GPHOME/pxf/conf/pxf-private.classpath file identifies PXF internal JAR dependencies. In most cases, PXF manages the pxf-private.classpath file, adding entries as necessary based on the connectors that you use.

Should you need to add an additional JAR dependency for PXF, for example a JDBC driver JAR file, you must log in to the Greenplum Database master host, copy the JAR file to the PXF user configuration runtime library directory ($PXF_CONF/lib), sync the PXF configuration to the Greenplum Database cluster, and then restart PXF on each segment host. For example:

$ ssh gpadmin@<gpmaster>
gpadmin@gpmaster$ cp new_dependent_jar.jar $PXF_CONF/lib/
gpadmin@gpmaster$ $GPHOME/pxf/bin/pxf cluster sync
gpadmin@gpmaster$ $GPHOME/pxf/bin/pxf cluster stop
gpadmin@gpmaster$ $GPHOME/pxf/bin/pxf cluster start