Installing the Client and Loader Tools Package

Installing the Client and Loader Tools Package

You can install the client and loader tools package on CentOS 6.x and CentOS 7.x systems. This section provides the information required to download and install the tools on your client machine.

Installation Procedure

Perform the following procedure to install the Greenplum Database client tools on your system:

  1. Download the appropriate installer package for your platform from Pivotal Network. For example, to download the CentOS 7.x package, click to select the Greenplum Clients->Clients for RHEL 7 directory.

    The naming format of the downloaded file is greenplum-db-clients-<version>-<platform>.<filetype>.

  2. Note the file system location of the downloaded file.
  3. Follow the instructions in Running the UNIX Tools Installer.

About Your Installation

Your Greenplum Database client and loader tools installation includes the following files and directories:

Table 1. Files and Directories
File/Directory Description
bin/ client and loader tool utility programs
ext/ Python runtime components required by the UNIX utilities
greenplum_clients_path.<ext> environment set up script or batch file; the file extension (<ext>) is operating system- or shell-dependent
lib/ libraries required by the utilities
LICENSE license notices for the utilities
NOTICE attribution notices for the utilities