Pivotal Greenplum® 6.0 Documentation

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Revised: 2019-10-11

This documentation describes how to install, configure, and use Pivotal Greenplum Database, and provides links to related Pivotal products that work with Greenplum Database.

Welcome to Pivotal Greenplum 6

Pivotal Greenplum Database is a massively parallel processing (MPP) database server that supports next generation data warehousing and large-scale analytics processing. By automatically partitioning data and running parallel queries, it allows a cluster of servers to operate as a single database supercomputer performing tens or hundreds times faster than a traditional database. It supports SQL, MapReduce parallel processing, and data volumes ranging from hundreds of gigabytes, to hundreds of terabytes.

Server Documentation

Pivotal Greenplum Database server installation, configuration, administration, and maintenance information

Client Documentation

UNIX-based client, load, and connectivity tools information for Pivotal Greenplum Database

Related Pivotal Greenplum Database documentation and utilities