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Client command utility for the Greenplum Stream Server.


gpsscli subcommand [options]

gpsscli history
gpsscli list
gpsscli progress
gpsscli remove
gpsscli start
gpsscli status
gpsscli stop
gpsscli submit
gpsscli wait

gpsscli {help | -h | --help}

gpsscli --version


The Greenplum Stream Server (GPSS) includes the gpsscli client command utility. gpsscli provides subcommands to manage Greenplum Stream Server load jobs and to view job status, progress, and history:
Table 1. gpsscli Subcommands
Subcommand Description
help Display command help
history Show job history
list List jobs and their status
progress Show job progress
remove Remove a job
start Start a job
status Show job status
stop Stop a job
submit Submit a job
wait Wait for a job to stop


--gpss-host host
Specify the GPSS host. The default host address is
--gpss-port port
Specify the GPSS port number. The default port number is 5000.
-l | --log-dir directory
Specify the directory to which GPSS writes client command log files. GPSS must have write permission to the directory. GPSS creates the log directory if it does not exist.
If you do not provide this option, GPSS writes gpsscli client log files to the $HOME/gpAdminLogs directory.
-v | --verbose
The default behaviour of the command utility is to display information and error messages to stdout. When you specify the --verbose option, GPSS also outputs debug-level messages about the operation.
-h | --help
Show command utility help, and then exit.
Show the version of the gpsscli utility, and then exit.