Developing a Greenplum Stream Server Client

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Developing a Greenplum Stream Server Client

The Greenplum Stream Server (GPSS) is a gRPC server. gRPC provides a language- and platform-neutral client/server communication framework. For more information about gRPC, refer to the gRPC documentation.

You can develop a GPSS gRPC client on your operating system of choice and with the IDE or build environment of your choice. You can also develop the client using any programming language supported by gRPC.

You will perform the following tasks when you develop a GPSS client:

  1. Examine the GPSS Service Definition.
  2. Set up your development environment. For an example Java development environment setup refer to this procedure.
  3. Compile the GPSS service definition to generate the GPSS client classes.
  4. Code your GPSS client application. Each GPSS client will include code to perform the following tasks: