About the PXF Installation Directories

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PXF is installed on your master node when you install Greenplum Database. You install PXF on your Greenplum Database segment hosts when you invoke the gpseginstall command.

The following PXF files and directories are installed in your Greenplum Database cluster. These files/directories are relative to the PXF installation directory $GPHOME/pxf:

Directory Description
apache‑tomcat/ The PXF tomcat directory.
bin/ The PXF script and executable directory.
conf/ The PXF configuration directory. This directory contains the pxf-env.sh, pxf-public.classpath, pxf-private.classpath and pxf-profiles.xml configuration files.
conf‑templates/ Configuration templates for PXF.
lib/ The PXF library directory.
logs/ The PXF log file directory. Includes pxf-service.log and Tomcat-related logs including catalina.out. The log directory and log files are readable only by the gpadmin user.
pxf‑service/ After initializing PXF, the PXF service instance directory.
run/ After starting PXF, the PXF run directory. Includes a PXF catalina process id file.
tomcat‑templates/ Tomcat templates for PXF.