The gp_toolkit Administrative Schema

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The gp_toolkit Administrative Schema

Greenplum Database provides an administrative schema called gp_toolkit that you can use to query the system catalogs, log files, and operating environment for system status information. The gp_toolkit schema contains a number of views that you can access using SQL commands. The gp_toolkit schema is accessible to all database users, although some objects may require superuser permissions. For convenience, you may want to add the gp_toolkit schema to your schema search path. For example:

=> ALTER ROLE myrole SET search_path TO myschema,gp_toolkit;

This documentation describes the most useful views in gp_toolkit. You may notice other objects (views, functions, and external tables) within the gp_toolkit schema that are not described in this documentation (these are supporting objects to the views described in this section).

Warning: Do not change database objects in the gp_toolkit schema. Do not create database objects in the schema. Changes to objects in the schema might affect the accuracy of administrative information returned by schema objects. Any changes made in the gp_toolkit schema are lost when the database is backed up and then restored with the gpcrondump and gpdbrestore utilities.