The emcconnect_history table displays information about ConnectEMC events and alerts. ConnectEMC events are triggered based on a hardware failure, a fix to a failed hardware component, or a Greenplum Database instance startup. Once an ConnectEMC event is triggered, an alert is sent to EMC Support.

This table is pre-partitioned into monthly partitions. Partitions are automatically added in one month increments as needed. Administrators must drop old partitions for the months that are no longer needed.

Note: This table only applies to Greenplum Data Computing Appliance platforms.
Note: Deprecated. This table will be removed in a future release.
Column Type Description
ctime timestamp(0) without time zone  Time this ConnectEMC event occurred.
hostname varchar(64) The hostname associated with the ConnectEMC event.


A general symptom code for this type of event. For a list of symptom codes, see the EMC Greenplum DCA Installation and Configuration Guide.
detailed_symptom_code int A specific symptom code for this type of event.
description text A description of this type of event, based on the detailed_symptom_code.
snmp_oid text The SNMP object ID of the element/component where the event occurred, where applicable.
severity text

The severity level of the ConnectEMC event. One of:

WARNING: A condition that might require immediate attention.

ERROR: An error occurred on the DCA. System operation and/or performance is likely affected. This alert requires immediate attention.

UNKNOWN: This severity level is associated with hosts and devices on the DCA that are either disabled (due to hardware failure) or unreachable for some other reason. This alert requires immediate attention.

INFO: A previously reported error condition is now resolved. Greenplum Database startup also triggers an INFO alert.

status text The current status of the system. The status is always OK unless a connection to the server/switch cannot be made, in which case the status is FAILED.
attempted_transport boolean

True if an attempt was made to send an alert to EMC support.

False if your system was configured not to send alerts.

message text The text of the error message created as a result of this event.