Database Table Parameters

This version of the Pivotal Greenplum documentation is no longer actively maintained. Click here to view the most up-to-date version of the Greenplum 4.x documentation.

Database Table Parameters

The following parameter configures default option settings for Greenplum Database tables.

See Creating and Managing Tables for more information about Greenplum Database tables.

  • gp_create_table_random_default_distribution
  • gp_default_storage_options
  • gp_enable_exchange_default_partition
  • gp_enable_segment_copy_checking

Append-Optimized Table Parameters

The following parameters configure the append-optimized tables feature of Greenplum Database.

See Append-Optimized Storage for more information about append-optimized tables.

  • gp_default_storage_options
  • max_appendonly_tables
  • gp_appendonly_compaction
  • gp_appendonly_compaction_threshold
  • validate_previous_free_tid