Overview of Management Utilities

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Overview of Management Utilities

Greenplum Database uses the standard PostgreSQL client and server programs and provides additional management utilities for administering a distributed Greenplum Database DBMS. Greenplum Database management utilities reside in $GPHOME/bin.
Note: When referencing IPv6 addresses in gpfdist URLs or when using numeric IP addresses instead of hostnames in any management utility, always enclose the IP address in brackets. For command prompt use, the best practice is to escape any brackets or put them inside quotation marks. For example:
gpdbrestore -R \[2620:0:170:610::11\]
gpdbrestore -R '[2620:0:170:610::11]'

Deprecated Utilities

The following utilities have been deprecated:
  • gpchecknet
  • gpcheckos
  • gprebuildsystem
  • gpsizecalc
  • gpskew

Backend Server Programs

The following standard PostgreSQL server management programs are provided with Greenplum Database and reside in $GPHOME/bin. They are modified to handle the parallelism and distribution of a Greenplum Database system. You access these programs only through the Greenplum Database management tools and utilities.

Table 1. Greenplum Database Backend Server Programs
Program Name Description Use Instead
initdb This program is called by gpinitsystem when initializing a Greenplum Database array. It is used internally to create the individual segment instances and the master instance. gpinitsystem
ipcclean Not used in Greenplum Database N/A
gpsyncmaster This is the Greenplum program that starts the gpsyncagent process on the standby master host. Administrators do not call this program directly, but do so through the management scripts that initialize and/or activate a standby master for a Greenplum Database system. This process is responsible for keeping the standby master up to date with the primary master via a transaction log replication process. gpinitstandby, gpactivatestandby
pg_controldata Not used in Greenplum Database gpstate
pg_ctl This program is called by gpstart and gpstop when starting or stopping a Greenplum Database array. It is used internally to stop and start the individual segment instances and the master instance in parallel and with the correct options. gpstart, gpstop
pg_resetxlog Not used in Greenplum Database N/A
postgres The postgres executable is the actual PostgreSQL server process that processes queries. The main postgres process (postmaster) creates other postgres subprocesses and postgres session as needed to handle client connections.
postmaster postmaster starts the postgres database server listener process that accepts client connections. In Greenplum Database, a postgres database listener process runs on the Greenplum Master Instance and on each Segment Instance. In Greenplum Database, you use gpstart and gpstop to start all postmasters (postgres processes) in the system at once in the correct order and with the correct options.