About Management and Monitoring Utilities

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About Management and Monitoring Utilities

Greenplum Database provides standard command-line utilities for performing common monitoring and administration tasks.

Greenplum command-line utilities are located in the $GPHOME/bin directory and are executed on the master host. Greenplum provides utilities for the following administration tasks:

  • Installing Greenplum Database on an array
  • Initializing a Greenplum Database System
  • Starting and stopping Greenplum Database
  • Adding or removing a host
  • Expanding the array and redistributing tables among new segments
  • Managing recovery for failed segment instances
  • Managing failover and recovery for a failed master instance
  • Backing up and restoring a database (in parallel)
  • Loading data in parallel
  • Transferring data between Greenplum databases
  • System state reporting

Greenplum provides an optional system monitoring and management tool that administrators can install and enable with Greenplum Database. Greenplum Command Center uses data collection agents on each segment host to collect and store Greenplum system metrics in a dedicated database. Segment data collection agents send their data to the Greenplum master at regular intervals (typically every 15 seconds). Users can query the Command Center database to see query and system metrics. Greenplum Command Center has a graphical web-based user interface for viewing system metrics, which administrators can install separately from Greenplum Database. For more information, see the Greenplum Command Center documentation.