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Sets the percentage of Greenplum Database vmem memory that triggers the termination of queries. If the percentage of vmem memory that is utilized for a Greenplum Database segment exceeds the specified value, Greenplum Database terminates queries based on memory usage, starting with the query consuming the largest amount of memory. Queries are terminated until the percentage of utilized vmem is below the specified percentage.

Specify the maximum vmem value for active Greenplum Database segment instances with the server configuration parameter gp_vmem_protect_limit.

For example, if vmem memory is set to 10GB, and the value of runaway_detector_activation_percent is 90 (90%), Greenplum Database starts terminating queries when the utilized vmem memory exceeds 9 GB.

A value of 0 disables the automatic termination of queries based on percentage of vmem that is utilized.

Value Range Default Set Classifications
percentage (integer) 90 local